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There are some who will never understand or grasp the concept as to why we venture forth. Why we leave the safety of our homes, our family, our way of life to enter such a barren and wild environment as the Florida Everglades. They will never comprehend why we do venture forth, why we do take the risks or why we face the unknown in such a manner. To that I state it is because it calls to us, it beckons us to face our fears and to overcome the challenges set forth. It welcomes us into its warm embrace and takes away our stress, our heartaches while clearing our minds of the distractions fed to us by society. The wild shows us how to survive and to come to terms that are both the predator and the prey. In the wild we either learn the necessary fundamentals to  survive or you may die trying. There are no second chances in the wild, there are only reactions to actions, only calm calculated moves that will ensure your survival, because sadly foolish moves may put your life at risk.


Why venture forth then?


Because in the wild politics matter not, nor does the meaningless dribble of life that plague our everyday existence. In the wild it is just you and nature, there are no distractions, no drama, no stress. There is just a clearing of the mind and a heightening of the senses. In the wild you become one with nature, with God and all his creations.  In the wild you learn to become aware of your surroundings,  your learn to exist, to adapt, to evolve and to survive.  In the wild  you become reborn spiritually,  you find purpose, harmony and serenity within yourself as you are pressed to exceed your limitations.