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Discussing Trails:

When I first started venturing forth I stuck mainly to trails, but as I evolved I had discovered that standard trails became boring and full of unprepared tourists. Whereas I salute and welcome tourists to discover the wild and back country of Florida. I must also warn them to be aware of their environment. The everglades is full of unforeseen dangers and as well it is the home of numerous venomous snakes, wild predators, and poisonous plants.  Mere hiking boots and tennis shoes will not work when one of these snakes strike, so we encourage tourists to be prepared. I cannot even emphasize enough how many tourists i have saved from making foolish mistakes, mistakes that could have cost them their lives.  Please bear in mind that there are no standard emergency rescue in the glades, no cell phone service, no ambulances, no police cars, only air rescue.  That is something we must never forget, nor ever take lightly or for granted, because there are too many dangers out there to simply ignore such matters.

Whereas Florida has some amazing trails to experience, and I encourage individuals to go explore them, I once again must warn them to be prepared and carry proper gear and water.  I love the trails in Florida, but love more the marshlands, swamps and uncharted terrains. I have come to simply love walking out into the swamp among the mangroves, to get waist deep into the thick of it, and to trail blaze across the vast prairies.  To me there is nothing more amazing than to be in it, to venture forth into the unknown and to walk the path of ancestors long forgotten. However this is surely not a path for many individuals, nor for newbies unless you are with an experienced hiker.  Trailblazing can yield some amazing spiritual rewards, phenomenal photos and unforgettable experiences, however it does not come without a cost.  With that being said, hike safely, carry and wear adequate gear, stay hydrated and above all carry some form of protection. Please remember, that it is better to have it and not need or use it, than not to have it and need it badly if an issue occur.