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Nature is Priceless

I’ve come to understand that monetary gains are worthless compared to spiritual gains. I have come to realize that nature offers us so much more than civilization ever could and therefore is why I explore, I discover, I venture forth into the unknown, into the realm of God’s nature. I always state that no matter what the issues you may have, or the trouble that rides upon your brow. A trip in nature heals your sorrows, clears your mind and bring a sense of calm into a troubled soul. It is as if a great weight was lifted off your shoulders, as if mother nature held you close and took away your anguish.

I believe that mere words cannot simply define that feeling one possesses when they leave the boundaries of nature.  All I know is that you feel good inside, spiritually healed and rejuvenated in an intuitive manner. Maybe it is just me, but I feel recharged, alive, and motivated to do more after such an excursion. My body may feel tired after a long hike, but my mind is not for it feels accomplished. Each hike, each trip, each adventure leaves me yearning for more, leaves me wanting to return. I cannot get enough of it, the trills, the experiences, the putting you body through challenges where you come forth victorious. This is something that cannot be experienced on a couch, or watching a video, or reading a story. It is best experienced outdoors in the bosom of nature where wild things roam. 

Maybe I am just getting old, maybe it is the fact that monetary gains do not appease me anymore. Maybe I have grown tired of tourist traps, and being surrounded by so many people.  Perhaps it is the fact that I have found refuse in nature, I have found calm being one with it, and have found that life doesn’t have to be complex.  For with complexity comes more problems, with complexity comes more distractions, with complexity comes more headaches than the simplicity of nature.

“Life was never meant to be complex, but rather simple. It is we who complicate it further by reinventing the wheel of existence, that has long been invented.” – George Mercado