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I have come across many photographers on this journey of mine, and to each their own.  I have come to accept that everyone gets into photography for their own reason and/or purpose.  Some may be righteous and others not, however whom am I to judge them?  In my opinion I let them live and let live, it is not place to put them down for they have their own journey to pursue.


I have found however that some photographers are money driven, others are Ego driven, some use it as a means to be worshiped or idolized,  while others just do it to document their experiences and to  capture life.  Some refuse to work with others, they keep their distance and wont get close to anyone while some reside on a self inflated cloud in their minds believing they are greater than they are.


I on the other love to work with other photographers, I love to shoot with them, explore with them and bond with them. I love to inspire others as they inspire me so that together we grow and learn from one another.  I am not here to compete nor here to be idolized or worshiped but rather merely to exist.  I am here to make friends, to document my life, to create new memories and to merely continue on my journey as God wishes.


With that being said, stay humble, be true to yourself and remember that our words and actions indeed have weight. Use them wisely and try not to be a egotistical jerk, because in the end that will cause you to lose your reputation and quite possibly your following and  friends.