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What will you be remembered for ?

I ask myself this question on a daily basis, for people tend to forget so easily how short time can be. What will we be remembered for?.  A very simple question that makes you look at your life, at your current situation, and at how you treat others. Let us face it, life can be quite insane as we run around like rats searching for a piece of cheese. We become so involved in the daily struggle to merely exist, to get ahead, to fulfill all those things which we are told that we must accomplish or attain. But do they really matter in ones life, truly matter?, or are we conditioned to believe that materialistic items define us.

We fail to pay heed on that which is important, and instead focus on matters that have less meaning. When in truth, no one will remember you for the big house you own, for that will crumble, decay and fall apart in time like a faded memory. No one will remember you for the cars you drive, for they will depreciate, rust, cease to function and lose their value. No one will remember you for the titles you hold,  nor past accomplishments that fuels our egos.  No one will remember you for the mass wealth you obtain, nor for the riches you squander, but rather for what you do with it for others.

“We will never be measured by what we own, drive or obtain, but rather by the lives we touch along the way” – George Mercado

I pray that people will remember me for my love, my support, my words and for the  photos and videos that I have taken to document my life. I hope people will think of me and smile for being whom I was destined to be, and not for what society wanted me to be. We are all placed unto this earth to create a better world, to being in change on a positive level, to apply empathy unto others and to use common sense over emotions. In these crazy times, humanity has become lost and confused, bewildered, over-emotional and quite irrational. We must not allow such things to tempt us, to affect us, to define us nor to sway our voices or choices.

What will you be remembered for?

Let it be for the good you have done in this world, for the kindness you have bestowed unto others. Let it be for the love you have shared, the support you have given, the kind words you have spoken and for the unselfish acts that have defined you. We all live, we all die. Our memories fade in time, but our words and actions can forever live on in the hearts and minds of those we have touched.

Ask yourself, what will you be remembered for?