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Beyond Florida : Arizona

This was one of the first states I hiked back in 2011, the following are images from them. It was a journey that enlightened me in so many ways.

Some people will never understand that when God calls you intuitively, you answer his calling where ever it may lead. Arizona was a profound calling for me and a dream come true. This journey allowed us to meditate on the top of Cathedral Rock on November 11th 2011 @ 11:11 am.  The people we met on this journey truly blessed us immensely.

Exploring Arizona

We arrived in Sedona Arizona, my wife, my son and I on November 10th 2011. We checked into our hotel room, and settled in for the night. We were extremely excited for the next morning was November 11th aka 11:11 in the year 2011.  For those that not understand the significance of those numbers. 11:11 is said to be very powerful angelic numbers, the number that symbolizes guardian angels are with you, around you and are gudeing you forward.  My spiritual side has strong faith in this for these numbers have haunted me all my life. – George Mercado   

“There s a journey we must all take in life, a journey into oneself that can only be reached by venturing off into the unknown.” – George Mercado

Arizona Photos

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