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A passage in time.

A passage in time.

As I sit before my keyboard typing away at the keys tonight, my fingers rapidly stroke each letter key. So many words trying to escape my mind that I cannot type fast enough to catch them all. So many words to state that will not be stated at all. It is a process where my souls meets my mind, and where my heart deciphers the communication between the two.  It is hard to explain, even more so to put into words. It is but a mere intuitive feeling that guides my fingers, that tells me what to say and when to say it. Some say it is my curse, I say it is my blessing for it allows me to express whom I truly am inside and what I feel, regardless the outcome.

Alas, some people say that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that it leaves me open to opinions, and interpretations from others. However to be honest, I never really cared what others labelled me, or how they judged me, or even perceived me. To worry about what others say is to not live your life, but rather to live a life which appeases others. So in turn we stop living for us, and instead start living the life others want us to live. I do not believe that defines true living. I believe that is a display of oppression that keeps you from being the unique person you are.  That keeps you from expressing how you feel, out of fear you will be judged. So in turn we do not live our lives as we dreamed we would. We live our lives like a bird in cage with the door open. Scared to step out into world, scared to spread our winds, even more so scared to fly.

That is not whom I am, not whom God chose me to be. Some people have tried to understand me by analyzing me, others tried to imitate me and the way I do things. To that I chuckle and wish them well in every way.  For to understand me, you must be me, and even I do not have all the answers to understand me. To imitate me would be to understand me, to duplicate me and to predict what I would do next. Even I do not know what my next move is. I on a daily basis merely flow with the messages that my heart and mind receives. With me nothing is set in stone, nothing is written down other than my blogs. Everything in my life is but a mere moment in time, a puzzle composed of memories, of feelings, or intuitive messages.

I sit back and think where my path will lead, where my journey will take me, or what God has in store for me. I do not put much mind into understanding it all. Because I know that with his guidance, the adventures before me shall be amazing, and the spiritual lessons that I will learn miraculous. For the Lord grants me the strength to live, to fight, to survive and thrive, but most importantly to love, to be love and to exist.


What will you be remembered for?

What will you be remembered for?

What will you be remembered for ?

I ask myself this question on a daily basis, for people tend to forget so easily how short time can be. What will we be remembered for?.  A very simple question that makes you look at your life, at your current situation, and at how you treat others. Let us face it, life can be quite insane as we run around like rats searching for a piece of cheese. We become so involved in the daily struggle to merely exist, to get ahead, to fulfill all those things which we are told that we must accomplish or attain. But do they really matter in ones life, truly matter?, or are we conditioned to believe that materialistic items define us.

We fail to pay heed on that which is important, and instead focus on matters that have less meaning. When in truth, no one will remember you for the big house you own, for that will crumble, decay and fall apart in time like a faded memory. No one will remember you for the cars you drive, for they will depreciate, rust, cease to function and lose their value. No one will remember you for the titles you hold,  nor past accomplishments that fuels our egos.  No one will remember you for the mass wealth you obtain, nor for the riches you squander, but rather for what you do with it for others.

“We will never be measured by what we own, drive or obtain, but rather by the lives we touch along the way” – George Mercado

I pray that people will remember me for my love, my support, my words and for the  photos and videos that I have taken to document my life. I hope people will think of me and smile for being whom I was destined to be, and not for what society wanted me to be. We are all placed unto this earth to create a better world, to being in change on a positive level, to apply empathy unto others and to use common sense over emotions. In these crazy times, humanity has become lost and confused, bewildered, over-emotional and quite irrational. We must not allow such things to tempt us, to affect us, to define us nor to sway our voices or choices.

What will you be remembered for?

Let it be for the good you have done in this world, for the kindness you have bestowed unto others. Let it be for the love you have shared, the support you have given, the kind words you have spoken and for the unselfish acts that have defined you. We all live, we all die. Our memories fade in time, but our words and actions can forever live on in the hearts and minds of those we have touched.

Ask yourself, what will you be remembered for?





Stay Humble Always


I have come across many photographers on this journey of mine, and to each their own.  I have come to accept that everyone gets into photography for their own reason and/or purpose.  Some may be righteous and others not, however whom am I to judge them?  In my opinion I let them live and let live, it is not place to put them down for they have their own journey to pursue.


I have found however that some photographers are money driven, others are Ego driven, some use it as a means to be worshiped or idolized,  while others just do it to document their experiences and to  capture life.  Some refuse to work with others, they keep their distance and wont get close to anyone while some reside on a self inflated cloud in their minds believing they are greater than they are.


I on the other love to work with other photographers, I love to shoot with them, explore with them and bond with them. I love to inspire others as they inspire me so that together we grow and learn from one another.  I am not here to compete nor here to be idolized or worshiped but rather merely to exist.  I am here to make friends, to document my life, to create new memories and to merely continue on my journey as God wishes.


With that being said, stay humble, be true to yourself and remember that our words and actions indeed have weight. Use them wisely and try not to be a egotistical jerk, because in the end that will cause you to lose your reputation and quite possibly your following and  friends.

Standing among legends – Clyde Butcher & Lucky Cole

Clyde Butcher & Lucky Cole
These are the two photographers who have inspired me to venture forth into the Glades, they indeed are both legends. Clyde Butcher is an amazing passionate soul who captures the very essence of nature in its purest form. His Black & White photography is known across the world as is his passion for what he does. Lucky Cole is known for his beautiful, soft nude photos of adult models from all ages and walks of life. He loves what he does, to him capturing the angelic form of a nude woman is one of the greatest blessing of life.
I am eager to learn from them as they have inspired me along the way and have supported my photography wholeheartedly.

Big Cypress Preserve: Never Hike Alone!


Photo by: Fahad Asmat


Hiking the Big Cypress Preserve:

One thing I have learned from friends and those who know the glades to a far greater level than I ever will. Never ever hike alone, always have a partner, a plan, and emergency supplies. If you have a Conceal Weapon carry it, you can never be too safe. I do not encourage people to go out there and start shooting at anything unless you have a valid reason such as if your life was in danger, or during hunting season and that is providing you have a hunting license.  Shooting at anything for mere fun and pleasure may lead to hefty fines from Florida Fish & Wildlife.


I will be honest, on all my travels I have yet to shoot at anything. I found it is far easier to use my walking stick to push away any venomous snakes that are too close. I also have come to terms with leaving wildlife along and never pester a gator. Just go in there and enjoy your experience, your journey and trip and leave only with your memories and photos.  Make sure if you are hiking the glades to buy a good knee high set of anti venom snake boots. They will come in handy and it is far better to have a pair than to be caught by surprise, snake bites are not fun and some can be extremely painful and life threatening.


When I travel out there, I sure as heck do not hike the swamps alone. Now some people will state that it is okay to do so, and I will not argue their debate. If that is what you want to do then go for it. However if something happens, I am certain you will rethink that thought real fast, especially when there is no one there to assist or help you. Bear in mind I do not claim to be an expert at this, I am just passing along some common sense. In my opinion, I have no time for macho bravado in the glades or miscalculated moves, I have no time for ego thrill seekers or people who want to harass wildlife. All it takes is one stupid move, one move to make things go from good to bad real fast, and that is an outcome I cannot afford to take.


Stay safe, and Hike on!