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Beyond Florida

There is more to exploring than being confined to one state, so thus is why we love road trips, love venturing off to explore in other states.

If you spend your life dreaming of adventures, yet have never taken one. You are losing out on one of the most amazing opportunities of life. Remember that a bird without wings will never truly comprehend the feeling of soaring above mountains, flying across valleys and gliding on the winds of the oceans. It instead loses out on such wonders of life, such as those who fail to act, lose out on life in the same manner.

Exploring Colorado

So I was invited by James Bennett to Colorado, he told me he would show me some of the beautiful parts of the state. Being a photographer I just could not resist. The following is the video and photos of our adventures.  Please excuse the shakiness as this is an old video shot with a GoPro 7 which was not equip with a stabilizer. All future videos are being shot with GoPro 8s and 9s.

“If I could wander for the rest of my life and not look back, I believe I would find newfound happiness and priceless moments.” – George Mercado

Colorado Photos

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