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Fahad Asmat

Photographer - Adventurer- Video Editor
Photo Galleries - Coming Soon

Contact: explorationflorida@gmail.com
FaceBook @ Fahad Asmat
Instagram @Cedrustree
Website: Explorationflorida.net

About Fahad Asmat

Fahad Asmat is an amazing man, father, husband, friend and explorer. He is George’s best friend and one of the co-founders of Exploration Florida. Fahad and George met on a swamp hike group on Facebook, and shortly after ventured off together too many adventures. Since that very first hike, the bond between him and George has grown ever so closer. It has been tested time and time again, yet never has it dwindled for their friendship is a gift from God.

Fahad is the kind of man who is ready for any excursion, who would watch the six of his companions, and who would risk it all for a friend. He is truly a blessing beyonds words, a phenomenal friend, a kind hearted soul and one heck of a photographer. Fahad displays no judgement against his friends or any others, for with him there is only empathy. He is the type honorable man who lives and allows others to live as they deem, regardless the choices they make.

Recent Blogs

Fahad Asmat has not written any blogs up to date, but I am certain that we can sway him to do so.

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