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The Team:

At Exploration Florida our team is composed of every day people who love to explore life. Whether it be some of Florida’s most rural and historic locations, or the simplistic serenity of the wild. For us, it is all about the bonding experience we share with each other. About the hunger for adventure and the journey that takes us there. We are group of humble individuals who have found a common interest with each other, and have built a strong friendship in the process.

The Vision:

Our team believes that “Life is a Journey”, a journey yearning to be explored, to be documented, to be shared with the world. An adventure into the very depth of our existence, captured by memories and told by those who have experienced it. Therefore is why we set off together to grasp the beauty of life, to experience the creations of God and to venture off into the abyss of discovery. What we will encounter there we do not know, what will come from this journey shall indeed bestow the greatest rewards. 

The Dangers Ahead:

The Florida Everglades, like some of the locations we venture off to can be quite dangerous on many levels, others not so much. Whether it be harsh conditions, unexpected weather patterns, or venomous snakes and dangerous wildlife. An adventure is not an adventure without taking risks, without pushing your limits, and without the love and support of an amazing team.

We all know that if something happens, help may not arrive. This is why we are very selective of those whom is in our team. This is why we will not go out on an expedition with anyone,  who are not prepared mentally, physically. or emotionally to handle a real life scenario. At Exploration Florida safety is our highest concern, as is the well being of our team members.

Our Crew

George Mercado

Photographer – Videographer – Blogger

Fahad Asmat

Co-Founder – Photographer

Kristin Mora

Adventurer – Blogger

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Our Adventure Plans


Whether it is a short hike or a long, a hike is truly a magical experience with close friends. We love to explore the back country of Florida.


Ever so often we love to get away and simply escape to the depths of nature. Just us and the environment, good friends bonding near an open campfire, under the beautiful heavens.


Florida has so many waterways, rivers, streams and hidden kayaking trails. They truly allow you to see the Florida in a manner you have never seen before. 

Road Trips

We are not confined to the state of Florida. Sometimes we will venture off to other states in search of adventure. or to explore places of interest.

How we started

The Beginning

Exploration Florida was created by George Mercado with the assistance of Fahad Asmat. The purpose behind this organization was to merge like minded individuals together for the purpose of capturing the very essence of life in the wild, or abroad. At Exploration Florida we know that Florida is more than mere beaches and theme parks. Florida is about the culture, the people, the deep rooted history and the very land that spreads near and wide that holds unspoiled natural beauty and wonders. Those less traveled or forgotten places lost in time, but where still fragments of the past remain.

Get Involved

If you enjoy our blogs, our videos and photos. If you get enjoyment from our adventures and would love to see more. Well let me say we are not ashamed to accept donations of any kind. Whether it is cash, gas, gear, old campers, canoes etc. Anything that may assist us on our adventures or even the finances to take us abroad. Whatever it may be from someone’s heart, we will gladly accept.

Upcoming Events

Oct 10th - Hike Fish Eating Creek

Fish Eating Creek is a great place, and ever so often we simply love to go explore its vast backcountry.

Oct 17-25 - Smoky Mountains Foliage

Fall Foliage:  George and Fahad will venture from Florida to the Smoky Mountains to catch the fall foliage. To camp the great outdoors to explore various states.

So many questions

So little time

Why the journey

Because life is about growth, about evolution, about discovery, about exploring every facet of existence. For alas, if we stay stagnant, we will never grow and never truly be happy. We will merely settle for what we have, and thus stop dreaming of what could be. There is a whole world out there full of opportunities, experiences and wonders beyond imagination.

What Inspires us?

Life inspires us, love inspires us, creating life long memories inspires us. Hearing from others how we inspire them as they have inspired us truly warms our soul. Life is about more than sitting on your couch watching others fulfill their dreams. it is about you fulfilling yours.  We are never too old, and never too young to begin.