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We look back at our videos, at our past experiences and all these wonderful memories that we have shared. They remind of us great times, of phenomenal adventures and of the friendships which have built such a solid foundation. Alas, this is our passion, our purpose, our desire to document what we experience in order to share them with the world. For as I always say,  a story untold or a fable never mentioned is but a memory doomed to forever be lost in time.

Videos and Trailers

Island Hopping

Cafe 27

The Journey

Diner Island

Conservation 3A

Fish Eating Camping

Hike the Creek

Latest Video

Our Amazing Team

George Mercado

Founder, Photographer and Editor – George brings his unfiltered humor, his years of experience in multimedia work and his passion for adventure to the mix.

Fahad Asmat

Co-Founder and Photographer – Fahad brings his amazing photography talents, his web marketing skills and his lust for exploring new places to the team.

Betty Osceola

Founder of Red Woman Entertainment – Betty brings her vast knowledge of the land, of survival, her wisdom and ever-loving, alpha  personality to this team.

Kristin Mora

Adventure, Teacher and Organizer – Kristin brings her years of teaching experience, her research knowledge and her hunger to learn the laws of the land.

The Everglades and Beyond


Rated R
Coming Winter 2020

Into the Canyons

| R
Coming Winter 2020

Swamp Life

| R
Coming Winter 2020


| PG
Coming Summer 2021

Our Journey

Through our eyes to you


We are not film makers but story tellers, not professionals but people with passionate. We are mere individuals who love the great outdoors.

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